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founder & psychologist 

Laura Wingers

Laura Wingers, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist and the founder of CENTER Psychology & Consulting, located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

With a background in pediatric neuropsychology, clinical psychology, and school psychology spanning nearly 20 years, her current professional focus includes early childhood development; gifted intellect and developmental asynchrony; dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and other learning differences; ADHD and executive function impairments; and anxiety and mood disorders. She is particularly passionate about identifying and meeting the needs of children in the early years, and working with children who have developmental, social, and behavioral needs along with their families.

Dr. Wingers provides gifted assessment, school readiness assessment for  preschool and kindergarten age children, and neurodevelopmental, neuropsychological, and psycho-educational assessment for children from preschool through high school. She also provides solution-focused therapy, psycho-education, and consultative services with parents and children. She works closely with parents, teachers, physicians, and other treatment providers, and she advocates for an integrative approach in the implementation of treatment recommendations.  Dr. Wingers also provides training and consultation services for school districts and parent groups locally and nationally.

She publishes and gives presentations on her areas of research interest: executive function skill development in early childhood, differential diagnosis and gifted asynchrony, developmental assessment, early identification of gifted intellect, parents’ help-seeking during the gifted identification process, mindful practices for children, and mindful parenting.

Dr. Wingers serves on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Psychology Training Consortium, dedicated to providing quality postdoctoral training for future psychologists. When not in the office, Laura can often be found with her nose in a book or working on one of her many “projects” at home. She is also active with her children and family in their sports, music and travel activities and volunteers in schools and the community.


Awards & Recognition

Outstanding Early Career Psychologist Award
Arizona Psychological Foundation

President’s Award For Outstanding Services to the Association
Arizona Association of School Psychologists

Activities & Affiliations

• American Psychological Association
• Arizona Psychological Association
• Arizona Psychology Training Consortium
• American Academy of Pediatric Neuropsychology
• Arizona Neuropsychological Society            
• Children’s Services Network
• National Association for Gifted Children                 
• Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented


Administrative Coordinator

Robin Lyon

Robin oversees the day to day operations at CENTER, and can assist you in scheduling, answering questions, and providing referrals. She strives to make your visit comfortable and convenient. 

Robin earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a Minor in Business Administration at the University of San Diego. She has worked in administrative and managerial positions in both Phoenix and Flagstaff. She is currently the President of the Russ Lyon Charitable Foundation and is also a personal Fitness Coach, specializing in triathlons.  Robin is an endurance athlete with a passion for the outdoors. She is also a mom of two teenage boys, an active leader in the community, and a volunteer in her children's schools.


Doctoral Practicum Student – Clinical Psychology

Paige Watson, M.A.

Paige Watson is a doctoral practicum student in her second year at CENTER Psychology & Consulting. She provides testing, psychotherapy and administrative support under the supervision of Dr. Wingers. She completed her master’s degree in 2017 and is a second-year student at the Doctorate of Clinical Psychology program at Midwestern University. Paige completed her undergraduate and master’s degrees in psychology. Her clinical training has included work in community mental health, crisis intervention and substance abuse treatment. She has a passion for promoting mental health awareness and working with children and families affected by trauma.

Paige is immersed in her clinical and academic training, but when she does have free time, Paige loves to travel, be active outdoors, and listen to podcasts. 


doctoral practicum student - clinical psychology

Rani Hantla, MA

Rani Hantla, M.A., is a doctoral practicum student at CENTER Psychology & Consulting. She provides testing, psychotherapy and administrative support under the supervision of Dr. Wingers. She is a third-year student on the Neuropsychology Track in the Doctorate of Clinical Psychology program at Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona. Her clinical training in clinical psychology and neuropsychology has included work in a private practice and volunteering as a crisis counselor. Rani has a passion for assisting in the assessment process and providing therapy to children with challenges associated with giftedness, anxiety and chronic illness.

When not immersed in her studies and work, Rani enjoys spending time with her family. She is the mother of two active school aged boys. Her family enjoys hiking, camping, and writing stories together.

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Learning Coach/Educational Consultant

Jen Palmer, M.Ed.

Jennifer Palmer is an independent affiliate with CENTER Psychology & Consulting. She provides tutoring, coaching and consulting services for parents and children. She is a certified reading specialist and highly qualified teacher with a Master’s Degree in Education. Jen has been trained in literacy programs including Lindamood Bell, Wilson, and Barton Reading and Spelling. In addition to her 20+ years in the classroom at private and public schools in Arizona, she created an academic resource program for students with mild to moderate learning challenges which allowed many students to access the general education curriculum at an academically rigorous private school.

As a learning coach and educational consultant, Jen understands student success and struggles from many perspectives - as teacher, parent, resource director, and interventionist. It is her passion to help children and families navigate the journey for school success. She provides in-home or in-office tutoring and support for children with dyslexia and other learning differences and those who have challenges with organization and attention/focus. She also provides consultation for families of children with more involved and life altering challenges and medical needs.

 Jen is also the mother of two teens. Her daughter has cerebral palsy, an unidentified genetic disorder, and is completely nonverbal. Her son keeps her on her toes with his passion for playing baseball.


A Statement from Dr. Wingers

I believe “good medicine” requires presence, attention, kindness, and hope. With me, it is a highly personalized service. I strive to serve with integrity and to help families face challenges with humor and empathy. Prevention and early identification are my passion. 

In my practice, I draw on my training and experience in evidence-based approaches and my years of clinical experience in hospitals, schools, and private practice settings, as well as my own experiences as a parent. I work collaboratively with children and their families to find answers and solutions to a diverse range of questions and concerns.

In my work with parents, we often explore together how we can incorporate a more mindful way of being in our own lives and our own self-care, and be more mindful in how we react and respond to our children. Exploring how we can pause, reflect, adapt, and adjust – how we can be less reactive and more “present in the moment” – often leads to reductions in stress levels and improvements in quality of life, regardless of the challenges we or our children face. Many of the life skills our children require must be intentionally taught, modeled, and strengthened. We must practice and demonstrate them ourselves to develop them in our children. Teaching our children these skills does not always require expensive programs or equipment; mostly, they just need us! I feel strongly that it is never too late, or too early – for ourselves or for our children.


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