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Just as regular well child visits to your pediatrician create strong, trusting relationships and a “medical home” for your child, periodic visits with a mental health provider can also help with prevention, assist in tracking growth and development, and allow you to raise concerns with an expert professional.


Public mental health education is an important part of the mission of CENTER. Presentations on a variety of topics are available for parent groups, teachers, schools, school districts, parent groups, and other organizations at little or no cost. Strategic training, ongoing consultation, and teaching may also be available.

When Should I Take Action?

•BEFORE the issue “significantly interferes with functioning” at home, school, in relationships, or in internal/personal distress
•BEFORE the issues limits the experiences a child has
•ANY TIME feelings are unwanted, out of proportion, uncontrollable, unrealistic, do not go away over time, or lead to avoidance


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends universal adolescent depression screening for youth ages 12 and over. CENTER provides depression and anxiety screening for children and adolescents as part of the Well Child Check Up and offers education and resources as a part of the preventative care process.


•Ages & Stages
•Healthy Developmental Milestones; What’s “Typical”
•Sleep, Diet, Exercise, Other Lifestyle Factors

Why Should I Take Action?

Because there can be unintended consequences.

•The child might struggle, unnecessarily, for a very long time
•Negative aspects that are continually reinforced and strengthened could lead to depression/anxiety/learned helplessness, and the cycle continues
•Effects on motivation for learning; academic functioning; relationships; long-term health outcomes