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Psychotherapy for Children, Adolescents, Parents, and Families

At CENTER, we use a variety of approaches, depending on the needs of the child or family and the training and orientation of the clinician. You and your clinician will discuss available approaches and develop a treatment plan to meet your particular goals. Using a biopsychosocial perspective, approaches can include

·      Cognitive-behavioral therapy
·      Mindfulness-informed therapy
·      Acceptance and commitment therapy
·      Play therapy
·      Parent coaching
·      Or other therapies

Supportive Psychotherapy

Interpersonal supportive psychotherapy can be a helpful adjunct to other treatment recommendations and assist in achieving longer-term outcomes.

School Meetings

Upon request, your clinician might attend school meetings in-person or via teleconference. In this capacity, the clinician can assist you in discussing and interpreting evaluation results, understanding the recommendations for the school-based team, and collaborating with the team in the problem solving process. Requests for educational advocacy are beyond our scope of practice, but referrals for those services are provided upon request.

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching and consultation can be helpful in guiding parents to follow through with treatment recommendations, implement new behavior management approaches, and provide education and support to work through a particularly difficult issue.

Mindfulness Training

We offer teaching and training in mindfulness-based practices to individual or small groups, to assist in reducing reactivity and stress and increasing engagement, self-acceptance, and cognitive flexibility. Mindfulness training is not an appropriate intervention for every concern, and use of this approach is limited based on the openness of the individual to practicing over a long period of time, as well as the specific concern and the individual’s developmental level.


Public mental health education is an important part of the mission of CENTER. Presentations on a variety of topics are available for parent groups, teachers, schools, school districts, parent groups, and other organizations at little or no cost. Strategic training, ongoing consultation, teaching, and training on interventions are also be available depending on the needs of the organization.